2023 Convention

2023 Annual Convention

September 12-16, 2023

The Annual International Cessna 120-140 Association Convention is going to be held in Decorah, Iowa September 12-16, 2023. We’ll be landing at KDEH, Decorah Muni.

Yep, we’re going to Hometown, USA up in the Northeast corner of Iowa. When most of us think of Iowa we think of endless fields of soybeans and corn, flat as a pancake, right?

Not so fast. Up by Decorah we find rolling hills, forests, and great scenery. Decorah turns out to be a destination for antiques, the knick-knack shops, historical buildings and fine dining.

They even have micro-breweries! Which just happens to be one of the potential tours planned for the 2023 Convention. Yep…we’re going bar hopping! Well…visiting the micro-brews and having dinner anyway.

Prairie du Chien is just down the road to the East, rumor has it there’s a dinner cruise available, Brett Willie is getting the details as we speak. Anyone up for a tour of the Mississippi River?

There’s lots to see and do, final plans and schedules will be out soon. Meanwhile, mark your calendars and plan to join the fun!

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