The International Cessna 120-140 Association provides documents for reference and historical purposes. They are not intended to be a substitute for official publications. It is the responsibility of the individual aircraft owner and their AP/AI to determine the applicability and/or legality of these documents.

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Aircraft Annual/100 Hour Inspection Checklist
Aircraft Weight & Balance
Cessna 100 Series Service Manual (42MB)
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Continental O-200 Engine Mount Washers 
Continental Engines Pull Starter Plunger Seals
Continental O-200 What an owner needs to know about Continental’s popular but now out-of-production four-banger 
(reprinted with permission of Light Plane Maintenance
Equipment List 1947 Cessna 120-140
Grimes Landing Light – Overhaul Instructions and Illustrated Parts List 
Illustrated Parts Catalog – Cessna 120-140
Illustrated Parts Catalog – Cessna 140A
Parts Catalog – Continental C75 – C90 – 0-200
Parts Catalog – Marvel MA-3SPA

McCauley Service Bulletin 13

Removal of Operating Restriction Placards for Model IA90 Met-L-Props installed on Continental A-65, A-75, A-80. XC-75 and C-85 Engines.

Operation Manual for Cessna 120 140
TCM Engine Tips – For Reference Only
Templates for printing custom placards
Univair Cessna 120-140 parts 
Whelen Anti-Collision Lighting Manual
Type Certificate Data Sheet A-768 – Cessna 140 
Type Certificate Data Sheet 5A2 – Cessna 140A
Type Certificate Data Sheet E-233 – Continental C-85
Type Certificate Data Sheet E-252 – Continental C-90, O-200
Scott 3200 Installation Instructions